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Fall 2014 course descriptions

PHH 3400 Modern Philosophy

PHH3400 is an introduction to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European philosophy. We will focus on four prominent works of the period: RenĂ© Descartes’s 1641 Meditations on First Philosophy, G.W. Leibniz’s 1686 Discourse on Metaphysics, John Locke’s 1689 Essay concerning Human Understanding, and David Hume’s 1748 Enquiry concerning Human Understanding. We will also look, more briefly, at the views of some of their contemporaries, including Thomas Hobbes and Margaret Cavendish. The course will focus on the philosophers’ views in metaphysics and epistemology, but will also consider views in the physical sciences and in ethics.

Most readings for the class can be found in the adopted book, Ariew and Watkins (ed.), Modern Philosophy (Indianapolis: Hackett, 2009), and in the online Past Masters database, to which UF subscribes. Other readings will be made available via the e-Learning site for the class. Assessment will involve papers, a final exam, and some other smaller items. As well as meeting requirements for the Philosophy major and minor, PHH3400 counts towards the Humanities (H) and International (N) general education requirements.

UPDATE (6/6/14): I will be teaching PHH3400 in Fall 2014, but I will not be teaching the PHH4420 class previously described here.